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accident guide

Tips to File an Accident and Injury Claim

April 22nd, 2017

Accident and injury claims are filed on a daily basis in UK by claimants who have been injured in accidents that have occurred due to the other person’s fault. Many of these accident claims are rejected due to simple mistakes that could have been avoided with some guidance. This article will act as your guide and elaborate on some effective tips to help you file accident and injury claims.

Tip #1 – For road accident claims the claimant should be vigilant and note down a few details while he is at the scene of the accident. Important details that should be noted include the street at which the accident took place, the license registration number of the other vehicle, the color of the other vehicle, the make or model of the other vehicle, the number of passengers in the other vehicle and the extent of injury to the other driver or passengers. The claimant should also note down the extent of damage to the other vehicle. If possible then the claimant should take a photograph of the other car and the license plate number of the car.

Tip #2 – Before filing an injury claim the claimant should seek medical treatment for his injuries since the basis for filing injury claims is that the claimant has suffered an injury due to the accident. The claimant should get visible injuries checked and he should visit a general practitioner if he notices any new symptoms. Claimants are advised to make a note of their symptoms, the number of times they visited a doctor and how much they have spent on medical treatment.

Tip #3 – To get compensation for injury claims the claimant will need to submit a few documents along with his claim. These documents include current medical records, medical bills, medical receipts and prescriptions. If the claimant has hired a personal injury solicitor then the solicitor will guide the claimant and take photocopies of the documents for the claimant. Claimants are advised to find a witness while at the scene of the accident since a witness may be asked to testify in court. Since the witness will be asked questions about the accident and injury sustained the claimant should ensure that the witness and he are on the same page.

Tip #4 – To get maximum compensation claimants are advised to hire a personal injury solicitor. Accident injury lawyers ensure that there are no loose ends and they help the claimant get maximum compensation by strengthening the case with proofs. In addition accident injury lawyers represent the claimant in court, negotiate with third parties and deal with the other party in a professional manner. The selected solicitor will also prepare the witness for the court and complete miscellaneous tasks on behalf of the claimant.

Online Accident Claim Compensation!

April 17th, 2017

After an accident has occurred, a victim of an accident may not even contemplate making a claim. It has been noticed that most of the victims of accidents don’t even give a thought to make a claim. After an accident, the victims are so preoccupied with the post injury treatment that they ignore the compensation factor. There are various provisions under which an accident victim can make a claim. A layman may be unaware of the provisions. There is a team of accident claims solicitors who can guide one to get a suitable claim. The solicitors can provide all the required guidance on making a claim successfully. Based on the type of injury and the losses suffered, the solicitor will suggest a suitable claim. Online accident claim compensation can fasten up the process of making a claim. This is a quick process which does not involve too many hassles.

Personal injuries are of various kinds. There are chances of a person meeting with an accident while travelling, driving a car, while walking or working. Any person can meet with an accident at any point of time. Anyone who has suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone can surely make a claim. Making a claim is made easy by the online mode. This process does not involve too much time. One just needs to furnish the appropriate details and leave the rest to the claims solicitors.

It has been noticed that most of the victims of accident find it a tedious task to make a claim for the injuries suffered. Many of the people are afraid of the lengthy procedure. The whole process can be finished in a short period of time. Whatever be the kind of injury, one can be assured that a suitable compensation will be given. Approaching the right accident claims solicitor can simplify the whole task of seeking compensation. The solicitors can guide a victim how to make a claim, how much can a person get as compensation, and so on.

If in doubt, a team of accident claims solicitors can help get suitable compensation. The service is completely cost and risk free. The claimant should be in a position to prove that the injury has resulted due to the negligence of someone. This can help get compensation fast. A person may have met with an accident while working, travelling, or driving. Injuries can also result due to a fall or by slipping. No matter what is the cause of accident, one can surely get compensation.

Road traffic accidents often involve two drivers in collision with one another. Usually, a driver or passenger from one vehicle is involved in an accident. By furnishing suitable evidence, one can get compensation fast. This will fasten up the process of making a claim. Road traffic accidents often prove to be dangerous. Many of the victims also end up losing their life. If the injury has resulted due to a bad road surface, one can surely make a claim. A failure to install proper signs can also result in accidents. A road traffic accident compensation claim can help a person get suitable compensation.

Sadhana D, Expert Author, Platinum Status

Accidents Are Not Accidental!

April 14th, 2017

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from my Guide Group is that accidents are anything but accidental. They are actually pre-planned events that we personally choose to take part in during our present incarnation for the express purposes of expediting our learning and spiritual growth.

Before we get into the nature of accidents, it’s important to have a basic understanding of two important concepts: “Windows of Opportunity” and “Relationship Villains.” Let’s start with a brief intro to each of these subjects, and then progress to the information about accidents.

Windows of Opportunity: Windows are opportunities for growth and learning that we personally designed and created for ourselves while we were on the other side of the veil planning our present incarnation. For more information about Windows of Opportunity, please see the e-zine article “The More We Know, the Easier the Incarnation.”

Relationship Villains: Relationship Villains are entities who are our closest universal friends when we are on the other side of the veil, but for this incarnation, they have volunteered to play the part of “the bad guy” to help us cross something important off of our spiritual “must learn” list for this incarnation. For more information on Relationship Villains, please see the e-zine article “4 Ways to spot YOUR Relationship Villains.”

Accidents Create Windows Of Opportunity For Many People

According to the “GG,” accidents are pre-planned events that are designed to be windows of opportunity for us to learn and grow; and a great deal of planning goes into them. The “GG” is a little more descriptive than I am, and they refer to it as the “careful orchestration of entire lives!” And their point is well made when you consider the amount of detail and preparation that is involved in making sure that two or more people end up in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, to make such the accident takes place.

As mind-bogglingly complex as it is to contemplate “planning an accident” from this side of the veil, the “GG” say it’s equally complicated to formulate the windows when we’re on the other side. This is because of the ripple effect that flows from the initial event and the initial participants, eventually opening windows for dozens and dozens of people. A single accident opens windows for the participant’s families, friends, co-workers, caretakers, and anyone they come into contact with at the accident scene, in the hospital, in the doctor’s office, and even at the drug store. More and more windows are opened as people are touched and affected by the accident in different ways, and, in turn, interact with others.

The “GG” also points out that it’s how people react after the accident and how they treat each other that is vitally important, and that’s because accidents are opportunities for the wheels of Karma to turn, for windows of opportunity to open, and for freewill to be exercised by countless individuals. And let me share with you something about accidents that is of great interest to me, because it really brings home the meaning of the phrase “Love thine enemy.” According to the “GG,” the person who causes the accident is not the “bad guy.” The “bad guys” in accidents, the ones who cause them to happen, are our closest universal friends–entities who love us so much that they are willing to facilitate the creation of an ugly or tragic scene to provide a window of opportunity for our learning and spiritual growth.

It’s no fun to play the relationship villain role-The “GG” tell me that while entities do it out of love for each other, it’s a sacrifice. And that makes sense because the person who causes an accident, and I’m not talking about fender-benders right now, will probably never forget what happened, or be able to forgive themselves for the suffering they’ve caused. They are going to live with what happened, and live with the guilt, for the rest of their lives. They may also loose their freedom temporarily or permanently because they have to spend time in jail or rehab.

And that brings us to the point of this article: Accidents don’t happen to us by accident-we are very much involved in the planning and construction of them. By understanding that accidents are a learning opportunity that we planned for ourselves, no matter how terrible and tragic it might be, we will be better able to cope with the pain and suffering caused by such tragedies. By being awake to the nature of accidents, we will have a better understanding of the dynamics of the situation and recognize the accident for the window(s) of opportunity that it presents. And while we might not ever be able to forget our part in an accident (and probably shouldn’t), we will be able to learn from it and be open to forgiving others and ourselves so that we can move forward spiritually.

The “GG” note that there are four main reasons that we might consider involving ourselves in an accident: (1) group karma; (2) an individual karmic debt to be paid; (3) to learn a particular lesson; and (4) to have an experience that will allow us to advance to the next level of growth.

As I mentioned earlier, the “GG” also advise that while there are many possible reactions to an accident, it is the way we react that is the key to learning a particular lesson and getting the most from the experience:

oSome will react with sadness that they will recover from or cling to
oSome will react with shock and disbelief that this is happening to them
oSome will blame others and not take responsibility that belongs to them
oSome stagnate because of it, while others deal with it and move on
oSome forgive the person who caused the accident, some won’t
oSome forgive themselves, others won’t
oSome become caregivers (possibly allowing them to complete a karmic cycle)
oSome refuse to become caregivers (possibly exercising freewill and missing an opportunity OR maybe refusing to be a caregiver is exactly what they were supposed to do-we can’t judge-we don’t know!)
oSome continue to be friends with or close to the victim, some move away from the victim
Here’s how to tell if the reaction you had is the correct reaction to get you through a window of opportunity: You’ll stop attracting the same type of situation to you. And here’s an example–my nephew once had 6 incidents surrounding his car in a two-month period. He had five accidents of varying degrees, and the car was also stolen one night from the front of his apartment building. When he finally reflected on these incidents and examined his reactions, he did something new: He owned his part in them and began to accept responsibility instead of continually blaming others for what happened. And then the accidents came to a complete stop and so did his “life script.” It happened overnight.

Keep in mind, too, that windows are as unique as the individuals who construct them, and so we need to look inside ourselves and search for patterns and life scripts. This will help us discern what response is right for us to go through the window. How? Once we recognize a pattern or script, we can analyze that pattern and our reactions. Once we recall how we handled similar situations in the past, we will quickly realize that those reactions did not work, as indicated by the fact that we continue to draw the same type of situation to ourselves. The final step is to change our reactions/behavior when the pattern or script repeats so that we can end the cycle or life script.

Understanding windows of opportunity is important because as we train ourselves to recognize windows early, we will learn our lessons faster. As we finish each lesson/experience, our higher self will cross it off of our spiritual “to do” list so we can move on to other lessons and experiences. And understanding the concept of relationship villains will keep us from holding lifetime grudges that would slow down our progress.

Life-altering and tragic accidents are not taken lightly on either side of the veil. The “GG” have armed us with this important information so that we will recognize accidents as learning and growth experiences, thus allowing us to take control of our lives, move forward, and expedite our spiritual growth.